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Hey! I’m Shubhangi…

I’m obsessed with exploring the world, meeting amazing people and getting as lost as possible with my camera.

With an addiction to good eats, undiscovered side streets, and trying to get THAT amazing photos and videos I aim to share and inspire others to literally take the jump and follow life on the road.

My dream is to escape the rat race and experience real-life fantasy travel, long term wandering, or simply a dramatic career change.

Just a quick lowdown on my life and what to expect on this site: a bit of everything.

I am a graduate of Journalism and mass communication field and just like my every other college mate I was told to opt Masters in the same, 

But I had some other plans! Right after I completed my grad I joined multiple companies as an intern to see what exactly I love to do, and after some freelance projects and internship, I had a plan!

This website is all about that, from How I traveled to 12 destinations in 12 months, Finding my passion and things I love to do, How I made money from my hobbies and side hustles.

I’ll share my hacks, tips, stories, and discoveries related to personal growth, travel, how to find your passion, self-love, and How to Escape the ordinary.

This blog is all about you and me decoding life together.


Travel Tips, Guides, and Stories to plan your next adventure!


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