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The Uncomfortable Questions To Ask Yourself! – Self Discovery

uncomfortable questions to ask yourself

I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened. —MARK TWAIN These are some Q&A: QUESTIONS AND ACTIONS to help personal growth and self-discovery! Hopefully, by the end of each Question, you will have more confidence to create a life you love! I also hope these […]

TOP 15 Motivational Quotes on Success & Life!

Motivational Quotes Best Beparwah parinda doing unrealist is easier than doing realistic

SUCCESS ANTITODE! While it’s sometimes hard to know our purpose or the meaning of life, we should flourish and push ourselves ahead. And what better way to move forward than to learn from those who have lived and shared their words of wisdom. So whether you’re lacking with inspiration or simply need a little push […]

Everyone has a story!

shubhangi jain paragliding bir

Helloooo, friend! What’s up? I am Shubhangi, Just a Curious soul who wants to escape the rat race, experience the real-life fantasy travel, long term wandering, or simply a dramatic career change. You know what?  Time decides our fate, our journey. And when the time changes everything changes. Sometimes for worse, sometimes for better and […]