Everyone has a story!

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Helloooo, friend! What’s up? I am Shubhangi, Just a Curious soul who wants to escape the rat race, experience the real-life fantasy travel, long term wandering, or simply a dramatic career change.

shubhangi jain
beparwah parinda
It’s meeee!!

You know what? 
Time decides our fate, our journey. And when the time changes everything changes. Sometimes for worse, sometimes for better and sometimes for best. I never believed that, Until this happened to me!

I was never happy with myself. I always wanted to be with different people in different places with different feelings, wanted to explore everything, know everyone. Life was a chaotic struggle, trying to search for where I belonged and who I was supposed to be. 

Each person I met/watch in meetups/seminars/youtube  – They had their own fascinating story, which made me wonder :

What’s my story?

I didn’t want to be ‘normal’, just like so many people I had met in life. 
Being only 19, I wasn’t exactly sure what the meaning of life would really be, and where I could find it.

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And One day I read this – “Live life in moments, not in days or years or your schedules”.

Then is the when this curious soul decided to escape the rat race and live a life full of risks and challenges. *for kick? right!

I started traveling at the age of 19 and my quest for finding my passion.

I am a graduate in Journalism and mass communication and just like my every other college mate I was told to opt Masters in the same, 

But I had some other plans! Right after I completed my grad I joined multiple companies as an intern to see what exactly I love to do, and after some freelance projects and internship, I had a plan!

This website is all about that, from How I traveled to 12 destinations in 12 months, Finding my passion and things I love to do, How I made money from my hobbies and side hustles.

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Newbie but real!

This is my first blog ever. I am going to experiment a lot. But it will all come from my experiences.

I’ll share my hacks, tips, stories, and discoveries related to personal growth, travel, how to find your passion, self-love and How to escape the ordinary.

This blog is all about you and me decoding life together.

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beparwah parinda

How do I get started? *Hustle time

Let me tell you about my life a bit more!

My quest for finding my passion started in my 1 year of college (2016), where I worked as a Volunteer in LoveFest by popxo, from where I started building confidence and networking. After a few events like these, I indeed had a very good network.

  • SoDelhi’s Horn ok please
  • Masala’s of India food fest 
  • Gobuzzinga momo festival
  • Hashtag festival
  • Lil Flea 
  • BYOH fest
  • Delhi fashion and fun carnival
  • Zomaland
  • Delhi food truck festival

In my second year, (2017) I started my Youtube channel by the name “The Curious Trails” link that was the start of building a new skill, I learned how to make videos, Click photographs and Learned how to edit videos on a professional video editing software – Premiere Pro on my own from youtube. 
And after 10-12 Youtube videos, I finally had the courage to go for a commercial project, I made a video of a food festival (So Delhi’s Horn ok please) to showcase that work to different food truck festivals that were going to happen.

And after some time because of my networks, I got my first commercial project – After-movie of Delhi food truck festival.

shubhangi jain beparwah parinda

Before 2018 ended I achieved all my goals –

  • Start earning from my hobbies 
  • Develop more than 1 skill
  • Start Traveling
  • Make youtube videos 
  • Start commercial projects

Aaaaand finally it was the time for much bigger goals for 2019!
I gave myself a goal of 12 months – 12 destinations. And I wanted to explore as much as possible in terms of Commercial work.  

Guess what? I did it!

Sapno ka Safar (12 Months – 12 Destinations)

I did commercial work with –

BONUS – I started Vlogging too :p

2019 is by far the Best Year of My Life and learned, loved, laughed, cried, experienced a lot this year. Check out my 2019 rewind video here!

I was very stressed over 2020 because I had very high expectations with me for this year too. I was pretty sure about what I wanted to do exactly 

  • Pay more attention to building my personal brand
  • Sharpen my Filmmaking skill.
  • More content for my pages & Channel
  • Invest in a professional course rather than going for a master’s degree.

Basically a year to know what exactly I love to do!

As an individual, I’m obsessed with exploring the world, meeting amazing people, and getting as lost as possible with my camera. 

And With an addiction to good eats, undiscovered side streets, and trying to get THAT Amazing photos and videos  I aim to share and inspire others to literally take the jump and follow life on the road. Learning and growing together.

So, HERE it goes I’ll try to share everything I’m learning, suffering, and experiencing on this journey of Dreams into Reality.

Why would you want to read my blogs?

It’s our misconception – most of the time  – that we live our lives the way we want. Every single step that we take is influenced by others. Only the part that we hide from everyone else and keep deep within our hearts, is our own.

I strongly urge you all to realize that hidden part of yours.

Go, live that part. Live your life. Don’t let your dreams die within you. 

Trust me, your fight, your struggle, will be worth the risk of opening yourself up. Get Up!  Inhale the air of passion. Start your journey. Grab your dreams. Enjoy your mistakes. Dance to the rhythms of your heartbeats. Smile. Laugh. Love. Live.”

SO, Beparwah Parinda means (A carefree bird). 

This blog is all about You, Me together decoding life. We are here to explore ourselves and hack the system of life. However, this blog aims to share and inspire you to literally take the jump and follow the life the way you want to live.

I will share my hacks, tips, stories, and discoveries related to personal growth, travel, filmmaking (content creation), self-love and how to escape the ordinary.

In short – Tips on How to Travel on a Budget and Hacking Life!

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beparwah parinda

What you can expect from the blog?

1) Budget Travel – Traveling on budget ideas that will help you save money, have a pocket-friendly trip full of adventure and show you don’t need to splash the cash to have amazing experiences.

2) Self Development – Plan towards a better self, such as by learning new skills or overcoming bad habits. An example of self-development is taking courses at the university to learn new skills and interesting things. I’ll share the mind map for finding your passion and interests. Know yourself more.

3) Content creation – Finding passion by experimenting!
Step by step how-to guides, tips, and tricks for content creation. Everything you need to know about creating content that attracts and converts.

Who is this blog for?

This blog Beparwah Parinda is for souls like you, who want to escape the rat race and to experience real-life fantasy travel, long term wandering, or simply a dramatic career change.



I will share my hacks, tips, stories, and discoveries related to personal growth, travel, content creation (filmmaking), self-love, and how to escape the ordinary.

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Always REMEMBER  We are the creator of our reality.

And at last, I want to ask you What’s your story?

Comment down below!

17 thoughts on “Everyone has a story!

  1. Swati Jain says:

    Awesome job done by you.. Loved the way you express yourself and your ideas moreover your ups and downs you faced in your small life till now.. Be what you want to.. No matter how people think… Love you 😍

  2. Ashna Meena says:

    Loved the blog so much! It made me realise that it’s not that we can’t do a certain something but it is us who tell yourself that this task is just way out of our league. I’m so glad that i met you ❤️

      • Shivani jain says:

        Amazing work with an inspiring story !
        Glad you took a step out of your comfort zone everytime struggling , working hard to achieve something you want to ♥️
        Never thought will be seeing this face of you 😂
        All the best for great future with more adventures♥️

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